Junk Removal Solutions From a Trusted Company

Please take a look at the categories that fit your needs for junk removal solutions. This page will give you an idea of what we offer. U.S. TRASH junk and removal services finish the project that you want to be done. We take pride in our work and love to show future customers what they can look forward to. For free estimates please go to the contact us page and fill out the form or feel free to give us a call 24/7.  

Junk Removal Solutions

We gladly remove most types of junk from the old mattress with a stain to the broken hot tub or rotten sheds. Anything that you don’t regularly use is just taking up space, or is past its useful life and is considered junk. Let us help you free yourself from the mess. Call today for a free estimate on your junk & trash removal needs. 

Foreclosure and Eviction Cleanout

The ugly side of being a Landlord or lender is picking up the pieces after a tenant/borrower disrespects your property. As fellow rental property owners, the U.S. TRASH understands the urgency of getting your property rent-ready for your next tenant. The longer your property sits empty, the more money you lose. Call U.S. TRASH Junk Removal to prepare your property rent as soon as the next business day. 

Hot Tubs/Spas and Sheds

We specialize in removing these cumbersome and often difficult-to-manage oversized items. Prices on removing these often require a quote in-person, and prices vary depending on the condition, size, materials used, and location of the item. If you want the job done right the first time, we offer low prices and unmatched expertise when it comes to Hot Tubs and Sheds. Call today for a free estimate.

REO/Bank-Owned Real Estate

Contractors for national banks hire U.S. TRASH junk removal services regularly to clear junk often left as a result of a foreclosure. If you are a bank or private equity contractor, you just found the best solution for your trash-out and debris removal. 

Big Items

When it comes to updating your furniture, mattress, and home decor, you don’t want just anyone coming into your domicile. Our professionals are background-checked and use extra care and common sense when navigating items out of your home or business. U.S. TRASH junk removal will get these big and bulky items removed from your property in no time! 

Garage and Storage Unit

If you keep it in the garage or storage unit we will gladly dispose of it so long as there are no tires or chemicals. For everything else, we will gladly load, haul, and dispose of your junk to make way for a cleaner, more spacious area. 

Commercial and Construction Debris

Commercial construction companies count on us for debris removal in kitchen cabinets and counters, old mirrors, shower, and tub enclosures, drywall, wood framing with nails, insulation, and more… Our contractors count on us for on-time service, often at the last minute. When you need the construction debris gone fast and under budget, you can count on U.S. TRASH junk removal! We have handled many types of commercial rubbish including loads of old office furniture, and industrial equipment that is obsolete and no longer needed. We specialize in commercial clean-outs. Let us give you the best service, the biggest trucks, and the lowest prices. Call now for a free estimate.  

Bereavement Clean-Outs

Firstly, we are truly sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, the owners of U.S. TRASH junk removal have lost many loved ones and have experienced the same difficult emotions you may be going through or have recently dealt with. We are your best option for junk and trash removal during this difficult time and will responsibly dispose of your loved one's belongings, not the good memories, in preparation for the sale or surrender of the real estate. Let us help you heal and move forward in memory of your loved ones. 

Hoarder Cleanup

Though emotionally difficult for the family of a hoarder, often responsible for cleanup, we are here to help ease your pains and make the mess go away. We have handled many types of these situations and are here to clear a path through it all. We will not pass judgment on you or your affected family member(s) and we've seen it all! Your best choice for the job is clear! U.S. TRASH and Hoarding Junk Removal has specialized in hoarder cleaning for over the past 12 years. Hoarding is a very touchy situation that we can handle for you or your loved ones. 

Connect With Us

Contact us to request a free same-day estimate (no obligation). All pricing is negotiable, and your price will include everything from the loading to the cleanup. In addition, you’ll get $25 off your first visit.